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4 Reasons to Hire a Roofing Company with Insurance Experience

A storm rips through your home’s roof, causing severe damage. It exposes the structure to water damage. In an instant, your home is now at risk. Your first step is to contact your home insurance company to file a roofing insurance claim.

Then, you need to ask, “Where are roofing contractors near me that can help me right now?” Luckily, help is available.

Choosing the best roofing contractor means looking at their experience, specifically with insurance claims. Not all roofers work with insurers. Some specialize in this area. Why should you seek out the company with this specialized service? There are numerous reasons.If you have roof damage and think you may be able to file a claim, call Advanced Roofing & Siding right now at [company_number] for an inspection.

Why Hiring a Roofing Contractor with Insurance Experience Matters

When it comes to repairs to roofing, insurance claims are prevalent. Tree branches can damage the structure. Lightning can strike, causing a fire. Another common cause of damage is hail.

The Insurance Information Institute states that, in 2016, insurance companies paid out $29.7 billion in catastrophic losses related to wind, hail, and flooding. Many of those were for roof damage.

Because this is a common claim, you need a roofing contractor capable and willing to work through the claims process with the insurance company. Here are the key benefits of hiring a company with this type of experience.

1. It Saves You Time

Assume that a storm causes damage to your roof by blowing shingles off of it. A roofing contractor can come to your home and provide an inspection. They will then tell you if you have enough damage to file a claim. They will look at:

  • What type of damage is present
  • How much damage did the storm cause
  • When the damage likely happened
  • Is the underlayment or structure damaged
  • The estimated cost to repair the damage

They can do all of this work for you and communicate the information directly to your insurer. This saves you time. You don’t have to wait for the insurer to find a roofer. It speeds up scheduling and inspections, too. They do it all for you, then report it.

2. They Solve Problems Immediately

In some situations, the damage to the home needs immediate temporary repairs. If a tree branch created a hole in the roof, you need a contractor who can apply emergency solutions to stop water from entering the home. The roofing contractor with insurance experience can do this.

They can document the problem immediately for insurance purposes. Then, they provide specific solutions to shore up the issue until insurance approves the claim for repair. This minimizes further damage to your home.

3. They Save You Money

In some situations, these types of roofing insurance claims become very expensive. When you choose a contractor with insurance know-how, they are not going to overcharge you. They know most insurance policies have limits on how much they will cover and provide an estimate that’s in line with that cost.

Some roofing contractors recognize the value of having a good working relationship with local insurance companies. The insurers trust them to be fair and accurate in their estimates. That may mean the insurer is more willing to accept the estimate, cover the loss, and get the repairs taken care of for you.

4. They Provide a Detailed Estimate Right Away

Another critical concern with roofing insurance claims is the requirement for a detailed report. Before honoring any claim, insurers want a comprehensive breakdown of what work the roofing contractor will do. This may include:

  • The cost of supplies
  • The type of supplies used
  • The warranties and guarantees on the workmanship and materials
  • The amount of labor necessary to complete the work
  • The timeline for the repairs

The more information that the contractor provides to the insurer, the more likely they are to approve the claim. Any time this information does not fit industry standards, the insurer may refuse the claim.

How to Get Help With a Roofing Insurance Claim

Hiring a roofing contractor to help you file a roof insurance claim starts with learning about the company. Are they licensed and insured? They should be a certified roofer with insurance-specific experience. Ask these questions before moving on.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you find a roofer you trust and feel is right for the job, contact your insurer. Be sure they agree with the contractor selected. Most insurers will not approve any contractor that lacks certification, insurance, and bonding.

Get an Inspection

The next step is to have the roofer conduct an inspection. At this point, the roofing contractor can tell you specifically if the insurer is likely to approve the claim. Here are some examples:

  • The roof damage is extensive enough to warrant replacement. If not, roof repair estimates are necessary.
  • If the damage caused is normal wear and tear, aging, or inadequate maintenance, insurance companies are not likely to cover the claim.
  • If the damage relates to storms, falling objects, or other covered perils, the contractor will write up the estimate to meet insurance company requirements.

Communicate with the Insurer

Your insurer may wish to discuss the project with the roofer one-on-one. This is not common. However, the best roofing contractors understand the insurance world is complex and are willing to share information and guidance with your insurance company. That makes the process much easier for you.

They Work to Get the Job Done

Some insurers require documentation of the completed project. They may require a formal inspection to ensure the work is complete. The contractor can work closely with the insurer to make sure this is on-spec.

How to Find a Roofing Contractor Near Me to Trust

Finding a roofing contractor that’s ready to help you is easy to do. At Advanced Roofing & Siding, our team is ready to go to help you with repairs and replacements. Let us work closely with you and your insurance company to get the job done. Call [company_number] for a free estimate.

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