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Choosing the Best Roof Shingle Colors for Your Home

For many new homeowners, the idea that your roof shingle color matters can be surprising. Here at Advanced Roofing & Siding, we can tell you that your shingle color matters for more reasons than you might think.

Let us share a few:

Some Like it Cool, Some Like it Hot…

The right color shingle can help achieve the proper and desired temperature for your home. Do you like saving money? Do you know that the correct color shingle for your particular climate can help keep your utility bills down?

Keep in mind, lighter color shingles reflect sunlight and keep the temperature or your home lower. Darker shingles absorb sunlight and keep homes warm in cold climates. They can also help to melt snow and ice and prevent ice dams from forming.

Another thing to consider is the difference in light quality and brightness in different areas of elevation. In more northern regions, natural sunlight has a calmer tone, creating bluer and brighter tones. In the south, on the other hand, the light can be warmer and redder.

The same grey color will look entirely different in the pacific northwest as it will in the deserts of Arizona. Spend some time studying the light on the roofs of the houses around the house you are building or re-shingling. Make sure your observations account for the light at different times throughout the day as well.

If You Can Dream It

The right color shingle will help achieve the desired look for your dream home.

Here’s some food for thought: Your roof will potentially last 20 years. Choose a shingle color that you like and that pairs well with the color of your house.

Ever hear the expression, “You only get one chance to make a good first impression”? The shingle color you select will inevitably say a lot about who you are. You can create a welcoming and warm vibe with dark or earthy tones. You could also present a bold, vibrant statement with more unique colors, such as red, orange, or green.

Beyond all that, a complimentary shingles/services/siding/ combination can enhance your curb appeal and even increase your resale value.

Win, Win!

Here’s a quick guide to help you select the best shingle color for your house:

House Color  /  Roof Shingle Colo

Red  /   Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Green

Light Grey   /  Grey, Black, Green, Blue, White

Beige  /  Brown, Black, Green, Grey, Blue

Brown  /  Green, Blue, Grey, Brown

White  /  Almost Any Color

Weathered Wood  /  Brown, Green, Black, Grey

Use this chart as a guide, but ‘don’t get too stuck in the convention because, in the end, you need to be happy with it. Choose the color shingle that genuinely speaks to you. Try to pick a color that both complements and contrasts with the other elements of your house.

Try to stay away from anything too matchy-matchy as too much sameness can be bland and boring.

Look Over There

The proper color can make your home appear larger and can draw attention to any positive features, such as dormers or skylights. Use lighter colors for this purpose. Conversely, darker colors can hide imperfections and draw focus away from issues you wish to hide.

The right color shingle can help your home blend with the neighboring houses. You want your home to stand out, but for the right reasons.

If you are building a new home, do some research. Make sure your local homeowners’ association doesn’t have guidelines on which colors and materials you can and can’t use before you build. Follow this rule if you are re-shingling a house you are buying as well.

Even if your homeowners’ association doesn’t have rules in place concerning roof color or material, it is a good idea to take a few cues from the houses around you. If all your neighbors have used similar materials and color schemes, it is a good idea to try to stick with something complimentary.

It can’t hurt to help create a cohesive pattern with other houses in your neighborhood. On the other hand, if your home stands out from every other house, if it is too loud or garish, the resale value could be adversely affected, and you could be kicking yourself for your stubbornness.

Take the time to drive around your neighborhood. Note color combinations. Check the materials your neighbors have used. Figure out the ones you like best. Take your favorites from all that you have observed and incorporate those aspects into your new roof.

Pay special attention to other houses that are similar in architectural style to yours. Use those as a model to see what works and doesn’t work visually. Remember to take into account patterns, both in your shingles and siding materials. Find styles that mesh well together.

Don’t be afraid to try before you buy. Pick up a few samples and test them out against the other elements of your house. As with anything else, make the most informed decision possible.

Call Advanced Roofing & Siding

We know that roofing decisions are some of the biggest and scariest decisions that homeowners will ever have to make. Whether you are a new homeowner or you’ve lived in the same home for thirty years, sometimes we all need a little help.

Never be afraid to call in a professional, that’s why we are here. At Advanced Roofing & Siding, we are here to make your roofing worries go away. Contact us for a free estimate and let us share our experience and expertise with you.

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