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Make Sure Your Roof Survives Summer

While summer is the time to relax at the pool and enjoy a barbecue with family, it is also the time to understand the potential hazards that the summertime can bring to your roof.

Even though summertime is not known for delivering a deluge of hail or rainstorms, there are still threats that can damage your roof during the summer season.

At Advanced Roofing & Siding Inc. we understand that it is essential to be aware of these potential issues. Here are some threats to look out for to protect your roof from any possible damage this summer.

Extreme Heat

Summertime means extra fun in the sun. However, it also means potential heat waves. During this time, most of us want to go into our air-conditioned homes to stay out of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

However, your roof is exposed continuously to the heat that the sun provides. Because most shingles are dark in color, they are prone to get hot, and potentially warp during the summer season.

 Also, the heat can loosen the granules of the shingles, which can make your roof more prone to leaks later on.


During summertime, animals like to roam free and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Freedom like this means that birds, insects, and other rodents can go on your roof, and cause damage by loosening the granules.

To prevent this, we suggest using animal deterrents, such as sound devices. Most sound deterrents will keep these animals from damaging your roof. It is also a wise idea to call your exterminator to get rid of any rodents or insects that have resided in your home.

Summer Toys

Summertime is usually the time to toss around the frisbee, play baseball, and do other outdoor activities which involve toys. While tennis balls and frisbees may seem light, having these objects thrown on your roof can remove granules from the shingles, leading to damage to the roof.

Even more of an issue is heavier objects such as baseballs. Due to the weight, a baseball can potentially cause craters in the shingles, and make it weaker.

Inspect Your Roof

Now that we are aware of potential hazards that can damage the roof during the summer, it is essential to inspect your roof for any damage that may have occurred during the season.

It is crucial to routinely check for signs of roof damage so that you know when it’s time to make reparations on your roof. Also, since summer is a dryer season, this is the perfect time to inspect your roof for damage that may have occurred throughout any seasons of the year.

Here are some things that you should be looking out for when checking your roof.


When you are inspecting your roof, one of the first things to look for is to make sure your shingles are not damaged. When you are checking your shingles, it is crucial to make sure that they are not cracked or curled because of extreme heat.

During the summertime, you can also check for any previous damage that may have occurred during the winter season.

You should inspect for missing shingles, which can be caused by wind, hail, or falling tree branches throughout the earlier in the year.

Finally, you should check for any bruising, or craters, that have developed on the surface of the shingles.


When checking for roof damage, it is vital to look for granule buildup is in the gutter of your roof.

Exposure to sunlight can cause the granules of the shingles to loosen, which typically builds up into the gutter. While it is typical for some granules to build up into the gutter, a significant amount of buildup may be a sign at the roof will need repair.

Furnace Caps and Vents

One sign that inspectors look at when they’re looking for roof damage is any dents in the furnace caps or vents. Usually, after a significant hail storm, it is common to find that the hail has caused damage to the vents that are on top of the roof.

In some cases, there may have been loose tree branches that have dented the vents. Typically, when there are dents on the furnace caps or vents, the surrounding shingles have been affected.

Roof Leaks

In the summertime, roof leaks are usually the last thing to worry about for roof damage. Since rainfall is at its minimum during this time, summer is the perfect time to inspect your roof and make sure that no leaks take place later on in the year.

If it rains and you notice that there are stains on your ceiling, the chances are that there may be a leak on your roof. It is essential to check the attic for the source of any leaks.

If any leaks have sprung, you will see a water trail which will help you find the source of the leak. After you find the source, you will be able to take action and repair any damages.

When there is no rainfall, you can simulate rain by pouring water on the roof with a hose to check for leaks in the attic.

What To Do?

So, if you see any signs of roof damage that have taken place on your home this summer, it is essential to take action and to do necessary repairs.

There may be instances where the roof may only require basic repair if the damage is minor. However, if you sense that there is significant damage, or even if you are unsure, make sure to call us, Advanced Roofing & Siding, to inspect your roof, and determine what is the next step to have everything in excellent condition.

We will inform you of any issues that have taken place on your roof, and let you know the appropriate repairs that need to take place. Call us for your free inspection.  

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