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Roofing and Siding Underlayment Benefits

Do you have an upcoming building project and need underlayment for your roof and siding? Have you heard about ZIP System® sheathing and are curious about it?

There are many options for roof and siding underlayment. Traditional methods have been used for decades, but just because they have been around longest doesn’t mean they are the best option. Advanced Roofing & Siding Inc. is up on the latest in methods and materials for your projects.

ZIP System sheathing is a new method taking the underlayment world by force. This intuitive system is gaining the attention of major builders across the country who want to use superior products to help their customers with better energy efficiency and durability. But what is ZIP System sheathing? And why should you consider it for your next project?

What is ZIP System® Sheathing?

ZIP System sheathing is a building envelope product designed to optimize performance and energy efficiency by keeping your walls and roof air and watertight. It is an all-in-one underlayment system built strong for endurance out of engineered wood between layers of insulating paper. Rather than putting down wood and then covering it with a building wrap material such as Tyvek®, with the ZIP system you put down the wood and the insulating envelope all at once.

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There are several key features of the ZIP system. With engineered wood at its core, the ZIP system is made to last. Because it has a water-resistant barrier built-in, you no longer have to use house wrap and felt, eliminating time-consuming and costly steps. Designed by engineers, ZIP sheathing is vapor-permeable, so water vapor passes through when your house “sweats,” while allowing bulk water to drain.

The ZIP system has a rigid barrier to lessen air leakage and increase energy efficiency. The ZIP system tape is specifically designed to bond with the panels to create a durable and lasting seal.

What are the Benefits of ZIP Sheathing?

There are many benefits of using ZIP sheathing. First of all, it is easy to install. Installation takes less planning and training because the installation crew does not have to worry about where or how to layer pieces. The panels are uniform size and thickness. You simply lay them out and tape them together with the ZIP system tape.

ZIP sheathing is also airtight. An airtight underlayment is essential for energy efficiency, and builders throughout the country are looking for ways to increase it, not only to keep homeowners’ bills low but to protect the environment with reduced energy usage. Even though ZIP sheathing has a higher initial cost than some other underlayment options, the savings in labor costs at installation often offset the cost. Installing ZIP sheathing only requires a single trip around the building frame, as opposed to two like traditional envelope systems.

ZIP sheathing provides instant waterproofing. As soon as it’s down, protection from water intrusion begins. A waterproof layer is essential, especially under the roof panels. Homes that get wet before the sheathing is installed must be dried out before construction can continue or run the risk of developing mold in the walls.

With traditional underlayment installation methods, you could have several days without waterproofing. With ZIP sheathing, you deck and tape the roof or walls on the same day.

If you use ZIP sheathing for your next project, you will increase the structural durability of the home. The system meets required building codes for panel sheathing as well as LEED and Green Building certification.

With ZIP sheathing, you will notice enhanced moisture and air protection. Because the system is designed to be permeable, there is protection against water build-up, and the panels can adequately dry. The underlayment also creates an excellent barrier against leaking air, increasing the energy efficiency of your structure in all seasons.

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Now that you know all about this incredible system, you understand why it is an excellent choice. The experts at Advanced Roofing & Siding Inc. have the experience needed to help you with your next roofing, siding, and underlayment needs. We can tell you all about the ZIP Sheathing system and help you choose the best materials for your home and budget.Advanced Roofing & Siding Inc. is a family-owned business serving satisfied customers in Minnesota for many years. You can request a free quote, so you know what to expect up front. ZIP up your house with this incredible new underlayment system, and keep your home and family protected from the elements for years to come.

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